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Reports of Workshops & Projects


Central Institute of Indian Langauges, Mysore
Regional Language Centres.

Proforma for the Report of the Programme

1. Pre-Primary Language Development Materials in Konkani
2. Annotated Cultural Vocabulary in Kannada
3. Annotated Cultural Vocabulary in Oriya
4. Urdu words and phrases in Kannada language and literature.
5. An orientation course of high school teachers of Marathi and Hindi.
6. Dictionary of English Words in Kannada ( Project )
7. Training cum workshop for the preparation of supplementary materials in Kannada and Malayalam for CIIL's language classes for Hindi speakers at Haridwar.
8. Three months Kannada & Malayalam Courses for Hindi Speakers at Brahma Varchas Shodh Sansthan, Haridwar.
9. Workshop for the preparation of language games in Malayalam.
10. Learners Grammar of Dogri.
11. Orientation course in Urdu for the high school Urdu teachers of Karnataka state.
12. Orientation course for the high school teachers of Andhra pradesh.
13. Workshop for the preparation of scripts for pronunciation cassettes of Manipuri.
14. Workshop for the finalization of Konkani language games.
15. Language Games in Nepali.
16. Synonyms and Antonyms in Urdu.
17. Workshop for the Preparation of Supplementary Materials in Kannada.

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