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Proforma for the Report of the Programme

1. Programme Title : (Seminar/Workshop/Project in workshop mode/ Orientation programme/Others)
2. Collaborating Organization, if any : State Council for Educational Research and Training, Hyderabad.
3. Date : November 3 - 13, 2001.
4. Venue : SCERT, Hyderabad.
5. Number and names of the participants: 35 Teachers + 2 Guest Lecturers.
Mr. Basheer Ahmad, S. Mohd. Abdullah Qadri, Faizullah Beg, Mohd. Jafar, Raeesa Sultana, Ms. Amtul Mehmood, Ms. Asra Zuhur, Mohd. Khaja Moinuddin, Mohd. Arif Hussain, Mohd. Ghouse, M.Talib Mohiuddin, Dr.M.Aijaz Iqbal, Ms. Hajara Jabeen, Ms. Iffat Fatima, Ms. Maleka Khatun, Ms. Aisha Begum, Mr. Thayassudin, M. Inayat Ali, M. Anwarullah Khan, Amul Rehman Aisha, Lubna Lateef, Sirajunnisa Begum, Siddiqa Begum, Sheikh Abdul Qadeer, Afzal Shareef, M. Qudaratullah Khan, T.Mayatullah S, K. Abdussattar, Waheeda Begum, Shameem Begum, Shagheera Begum, M. Abdul Qadeer, Mohd. Khaja, M.A. Azeem, Sheikh Mohd. Ibrahim, Prof. Sulaiman Athar Javed, Dr. Aziz Ahmad.
6. Titles of their Papers : Not Applicable.
7. Academic Sessions : 2 Sessions (6 hours per day)
8. Outcome of the Programme : The teacher trainees were trained in teaching Urdu to High School Teachers in the light of Applied Linguistics.
9. Recommendations, if any : After conducting 2 more programmes, a handbook could be prepared.
10. Follow up action :  
11. Any other information : Nil.
12. Name of the Coordinator(s) : Dr.S. Jamal Mohammed.


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