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Proforma for the Report of the Programme

1. Programme Title : Workshop for the Preparation of Supplementary Materials in Kannada.
2. Collaborating Organisation: S.R.L.C. Mysore.
3. Date: February 28th to March 9, 2002.
4. Venue: Belgaum, Karnataka.
5. Number and Names of Participants: 18 Participants + 3 Resource Persons.
Sri P.S. Chalavadi, Sri S.M. Byahati, Sri K.R. Gaundi, Sri M.B. Dhamannavar, Smt.Girija G. Hegde, Smt. P.C. Bellada, Sri R.G. Thimmapur, Sri D.K. Kulkarni, Sri M.L. Jiledaar, Sri S.N. Muthalika Desai, Sri S.P. Kagati, Sri M.B. Narasai, Sri S.D. Kambale, Sri D.S. Maane, Sri Kamathe S.D. Sri B.M. Mahanthageda, Sri G.C. Kotagi, Sri G.G. Neginahala,Prof.G.G. Neginahala Sri S.S. Yadurajan, Dr.M.N. Leelavathi.
6. Titles of their Papers: Not Applicable
7. Academic Sessions: 2 Sessions (6 hours per day)
8. Outcome of the Programme: Draft of the book of Supplementary Materials in Kannada for Children Belonging to minority language community (Marathi - border District) has been prepared.
9. Recommendations, if any: To be printed by the Institute when the book is finalized.
10. Follow up action: Second Workshop for finalisation is proposed during 2002-03 schedule under SRLC.
11. Any other information: Nil.
12. Name of the Coordinator: Dr.M.N. Leelavathi , (Smt.B. Syamala Kumari, Financial Coordinator)


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