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Regional Languages Centers

  1. Workshop for the Project on Urdu – Himachali Dictionary, Solan initiated from April
    3, 2006 for 6 months (Dr. Jog Raj).
  2. Orientation Course for Telugu Teachers of New Delhi in collaboration with P.S. Telugu University, New Delhi in collaboration with International Telugu Centre P.S. Telugu university, Hyderabad and Andhra Education Society, New Delhi from 24th April to 7th May 2006 (Dr. G. Prabhakar).
  3. Final Exams of the all the Teacher Trainees were conducted in all the Regional Language Centres and results were announced.
  1. Workshop on Preparation of Course Materials of Bodo (II Phase), Guwahati from 2nd to 11th May 2006 (Shri T.K. Goswami).
  2. Refresher Course for ex-teacher trainees of the Centre, Lucknow from 18th May to 2nd June 2006 (Dr. M.K. Sultana).
  3. Workshop on “Urdu Himachali Dictionary” (4th Phase), Rampur from 23rd to 27th May 2006 (Dr. Jog Raj).
  4. Refresher Course in Assamese, Duliajan from 26th May to 9th June 2006 (Dr. Bhamati Devi).
  5. Orientation Course for Sr. Sec. Lecturers of Dogri, J & K State, Solan from 29th May to 4th June 2006 (Dr. K.S. Mustafa).
  1. Workshop of Experts to prepare Basic Course and Intermediate Course in Konkani to teach the teacher trainees, Goa from 1st to 10th June 2006 (Dr.S.V. Belwalkar).
  2. Refresher Course in Bengali, Kolkata from 2nd to 16th June 2006 (Dr. Mrityunjoy Das).
  3. Workshop on the Project Urdu Himachali Dictionary, Sarahan, Rampur from 5th to 9th June 2006 (Dr. Jog Raj) (17 Resource Persons).
  4. Refresher Course in Kannada, Mysore from 12th June to 2nd July 2006 (Dr.M. R. Talawar),
  5. Workshop for Finalization of Synchronic Grammar of Oriya, Kolkata from 15th to 24th June 2006 (Dr. S.N. Barman)
  6. Refresher Course in Oriya, Bhubaneswar from 15th to 29th June 2006 (Dr. S.N. Barman).
  7. Seminar-cum-Workshop on Ritual based songs of North Bengal, Cooch Behar, West Bengal from 17th to 18th June 2006 (Dr. S.N. Barman).
  8. Workshop for the Preparation and Finalization of materials of Bodo Language – II Phase , Guwahati from 21st to 30th June 2006 (Shri T.K. Goswami).
  1. The Classes for the current batch of Teacher Trainees in all the Regional Language Centres commenced on the 5th July 2006 and the following are the language-wise admissions:
  2. Assamese - 9, Bengali – 19, Bodo – 16, Dogri – 12, Gujarathi - 7, Kannada - 17, Kashmiri – 20, Konkani - 8, Malayalam – 20, Manipuri – 10, Marathi – 13, Maithili – 11, Nepali – 14, Oriya – 13, Punjabi - 29, Santali – 19, Sindhi – 10, Tamil – 23, Telugu – 21, Urdu - 64 = TOTAL – 355.
  1. Workshop for Finalization of Synchronic Grammar of Oriya – II Phase, Kolkata from 1st to 10th August 2006 (Dr.S.N. Barman).
  2. Workshop for the Preparation of Intensive Course in Santali, Bhubaneswar from 23rd August to 1st September 2006 (Dr. S.N. Barman).
  1. Workshop for the Preparation of Intensive Course in Maithili, Bhubaneswar from 6th to 16th September 2006 (Dr. S.N. Barman).
  2. Workshop on the Preparation of Material of Intermediate Courses in Dogri in collaboration with P.G. Dept. of Dogri, University of Jammu, Jammu from 25th to 29th September 2006 (Dr. Jog Raj).

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