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Regional Language Centres and Extension Services

A. Each Centre is engaged in fundamental research in the languages being taught in the Centre concerned. In addition to this, some Centres also conduct research in the Tribal or Border languages of the region.
B. Each Centre produces the necessary materials for teaching the languages concerned as second language. Such materials include :
An Intensive Course in each language
A Phonetic Reader
An Intermediate Reader
An Advanced Course Reader
A Cultural Reader
A Recall Vocabulary
Hindi-Regional Language common vocabulary
A brief history of the Languages concerned
A Script book
A Pictorial Glossary
C. Text Books for School Children For facilitating teaching the Indian languages to school children the Centres also produce
State School Reader- Level I, II and III
Model Question papers for School Children in each language
D. Research
Two Research projects have been compiled by RLCs
  Intralingual and Developmental Errors of Bengali Learners by Dr.P.N.Dutta Baruah
  Classroom observation in Boro and Assamese medium schools
Members of RLC faculty also have carried out a lot of Research on Error Analysis. Important ones are
  - Errors of Urdu Learners
  - Errors of Tamil Learners
  - Errors of Gujarati Learners

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