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New initiatives of the Institute
The new initiatives of the institute are built upon the major achievements of the Institute during the last five years which are as follows:
  • Establishment of a large 10GB web-site on the Foundation Day on 17th july, 2001
  • Publications: 60 books & monographs, including 8 collaborative publications
  • 126 National Workshops, Working Group Meetings.
  • 52 Training programmes (orientation/refresher/specialized courses-both for UGC and for the Institute).
  • 63 National and International Seminars and Confernces.
  • Distance education courses in Telugu (262), Tamil (593) and Bengali (440)
  • Processing of 669 cases under GIA scheme for 13 languages.
A number of new initiatives are being planned for the next phase of its development activities:
Language Information Services of India
(LIS India)- Initial work through workshops and meetings of the experts has already commenced and the draft format for an expandable Information site in the public domain has been prepared. The work is to be carried out in coordination with a number of university departments of linguistics

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