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Aims and Objectives Looking ahead, from the Director's pen CIIL :
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It is proposed to set up 'Bhasha-Bharati' at Mysore in collaboration with Sahitya Academy, NBT and a number of other agencies such as channels, and newspaper houses and individual collectors, as a national level resource centre which will house manuscripts, type-scripts,
notes, correspondences, including un-published and/or incomplete works of modern masters of Indian languages and contemporary writers of India who have lived and written during the period beginning 1947.
Bhasha Bharati proposes to show, both in physical and material terms, the plural literary and linguistic landscaping of the country.
The researchers and material developers would be facilitated so that they could use this rich manuscriptorium and books and databases which would include literary and linguistic resources.
On-line language teaching/learning courses in Modern Indian Languages (ILA-Online) are to be launched during the year 2002. A beginning has been made through workshops to prepare the instructional materials in Bengali, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada.The platform for launching the e-courses has already been created. Work will also be undertaken in Urdu in collaboration with NCPUL and in Hindi with KHS.
Bhasa-Bharati will have display gallery as well as scanned copies of the manuscripts and materials, which can be used by scholars and researchers from India and abroad. It will also have audio and video tapes of interviews, lectures and recitations of such writers and scholars of Indian languages. There will also be a section devoted to the films, including tele-films, documentaries and serials based on writers of India.
Bhasha Bharati will create and house hyper-texts of Indian languages' classics and will be open for the common people who may actually visit here or seek answers virtually to their questions and queries.
Bhasha Bharati would also bring out, from time to time, electronic publications of hyper-texts as well as scanned manuscipts, etc
Paintings & Layout : Sudhir Mathur
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Ganesh Pyne & Anjan Sen
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Brochure Cover : H.Manohar
Photographs : S.Tholkappian; M. Tataji
Input & setting : Ms B.N Geetha
CIIL, in collaboration with institutions including Sahitya Akademi, National Book Trust and Katha, which are all committed to promoting translation from Indian languages to international languages and from among Indian languages and literature abroad through translation. The idea, proposed to be launched as a way of celebrating 2001 as the year of the Book, will also give much needed impetus to translation studies, besides projecting the best of Indian writing to the national and international reading public.

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