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The Instiiute has five Regional Centers imparting instruction in 15 Indian languages. It also has two additional centers devoted exclusively for Urdu teaching and research. Each center has a principal, relevant faculty members and supporting administrative and technical staff. The details about the centers are as follows:
The group participates in the national, regional and world book fairs organized in India and sends its publications for international book exhibitions organized abroad on behalf of the Institute. Now it is planning to digitalize a number of publications and also produce e-books for worldwide distribution.
Printing Press: The Institute had set up its own printing press in 1976 under . Ford Foundation Grant to cater its special needs of printing, as its publications are highly technical in nature and form. The Press has acquired machinery for camera, plate making and binding sections. The press , also has Desk Top Publishing facility.
So far more than 300 books have been printed, on an average of 12 books per year, in this Press. Now this is being , doubled per year. New Language Planning News Letter is being printed regularly. Besides printing of books, the Press also caters to the general printing needs of the Institute and its Centers.
Library: The Institute has highly developed Technical Library. It is conceived as a multi-media center with printed books, microfische cards, microfilms and other media materials. It has a collection of nearly 63,500 volumes and 250 journals in and on Indian languages, linguistics and allied subjects. It has 12,564 micro fische cards, 850 micro films, cassettes & films.
Patila: Folk Performers
Name of the center
Year of Establishment
languages taught
Eastern Regional Laxmisagar 1970 Assamese
Language center Bhubaneswar   Bengali
Western Regional Deccan College 1970 Gujarati
Language Center Pune   Marathi
Southern Regional Manasagangotri 1970 Kannada
Language Center Mysore   Malayalam
Northen Regional Punjabi 1970 Kashmiri
Language Center University,
North Eastern Regional 3931,Beltola college road 1989  Manipuri Nepali
Language Center Guwahati    
Urdu Teaching and Research SaproonSolan, H.P 1973  Urdu 
Urdu Teachingand ResearchCenter 10-A, MohanMohan MalaviyaMarg,Lucknow 1984 Urdu

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