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Latest CIIL publication in collabration with Karnataka Konkani Sahitya Academy
1. Center for Material production, Testing and Evaluation

Material Production: This research group under the center was established to fulfill the ojectives of developing teaching texts in Indian Languages as well as for production of additional reading materials. This group produces basic, advanced and intensive instructional materials to teach major Indian Languages to mothertongue learners as well as second language learners. Books are produced for both adults and school going children. In the process, it also develops innovative techniques for material preparation. Most teaching materials are prepared in workshops where teachers and researchers work in close collaboration. The texts thus produced are then field tested before they are brought out in published form.

Materials Production group has so far produced nearly 240 teaching and learning materials, besides creating supplementary teaching materials like Nursery Rhymes, Pictorial Glossaries, Language Games, Cultural Vocabulary, Recall Vocabulary and Common Vocabulary in various Indian languages.

The Group also conducts Orientation Programs to key resource persons and language teachers. It also extends consultancy in matters of curriculum development and material preparation for language education.
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Testing and Evaluation: This group under the center conducts fundamental research on proficiency testing, learning evaluation, performance measurements, education techniques, etc., with reference to language and literature of all Indian languages. The group has been engaged in developing basic reference materials on terminology, bibliography and approaches to different kinds of evaluation. To meet different requirements in Indian languages, the group has created database on test contents, test methods, test purposes which includes a variety of item types in language and literature with quality indices for different purposes and levels in different contexts. The group has also developed tools for specific requirements for examinations and recruitment tests conducted by different agencies such as SSCs, State PSCs, UPSC, etc., and Government Departments.

The group is also involved in evaluation of language related programs and schemes both for in-house and external agencies; evaluation of language primers, production of textbooks meant for different stages of education both in the context of mothertongue and second language, restructuring of syllabi and abstraction of objectives for both undergraduate and post-graduate courses in various Indian languages. It also provides guidance to individual researchers, research groups of various educational institutions and Universities, and imparts training through orientation programs for various government organizations, NGOs, and foreign agencies.

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