ईआरएलसी, भुवनेश्वर

पूर्वी क्षेत्रीय भाषा केंद्र, भुवनेश्वर

The Centre was established on July 27 , 1970 at Bhubaneswar, Odisha pertaining language training in 3 major languages of Eastern India, i.e., Assamese, Bengali, Odia. In April, 2005 Assamese department was shifted to NERLC, Guwahati. In July, 2006 two more languages, i.e., Maithili and Santali were introduced into the curriculum of ERLC, after which the Centre is imparting language education in 4 languages, i.e., Bengali, Maithili, Odia and Santali. The Centre is functioning with a complete set up in a beautiful campus measuring 7.204 acres provided by Govt. of Odisha on lease along with 14 old asbestos roof buildings. With the supervision of the CPWD, Bhubaneswar wing, construction of ERLC Administrative-cum-Faculty building and Hostel-cum-Guest House building are going on in full swing and may be handed over to ERLC within 3 to 4 months. Presently, the centre runs with only one permanent faculty in Odia language and 7 guest lecturers.

The Centre has provided language training to 3230 trainees for 4 languages up to the academic session 2019-20 as follows:

ईआरएलसी, भुवनेश्वर

Details of the Publication


1An Intensive Course in Bengali Krishna Bhattacharya A.K. Basu1994817342030093
2Advanced Course Reader in Bengali (CHAYANIKA)B.C. Chowdhury199681734263
3Phonetic Reader Series-Bengali (Reprint)Krishna Bhattacharya199955
4Bharatiya Bhasha Jyoti - BengaliB. Syamala Kumari20169788173431630200
5Bangla Mukul II (State School Reader)B.C. Chowdhury199445
6Glossary of Evaluation Terms (Bengali-English-Bengali)Pankaj Dwivedi, Awadesh Kumar Mishra20179788174431791100
7Classified Recall Vocabulary in BengaliB.C. Chowdhury20008173420602140
8A Bibliography of Bengali LinguisticsUdaya Narayana Singh198630
9Tests of Language Proficiency: BengaliPon Subbiah20058173421390250
10Pictorial Glossary in BengaliSumitha Bhattacharya, B. Syamala Kumari19847


1An Intensive Course in OriyaBijaya Laxmi Mohanty1989300
2A Syncronic Grammar of OriyaBijay Prasad Mahapatra20078173421749250
3Bharatiya Bhasha Jyoti - OriyaB. Syamala Kumari2016200
4Manda-Odia-English DictionaryT. Mahendar Reddy2022978-93-94835-25-20
5Glossary of Evaluation Terms (Odia-English and English-Odia)M. Balakumar, Pankaj Dwivedi2016978817343173985
6Phonemic & Morphemic Frequency Count in OriyaA.R. Kelkar19948173420149128
7Glossary of Evaluation Terms (Odia-English & English-Odia)M. Balakumar, Pankaj Dwivedi2016978817343173985
8Tests of Language Proficiency: OriyaPon Subbiah20068173421633250
9Pictorial Glossary in OriyaBijayalakxmi Mohanty, B. Syamala Kumari199210
10Odia Bhasha, Sahitya o Sanskriti: Ek ParichayaSanjaya Kumar Bag20199788194384984180
11Odia-Bengali Common VocabularySanjaya Kumar Bag, Sujoy Sarkar20199788194366423144
12Social Change in Modern India by M.N. SrinivasTr: Subhalaxmi Das20219789391386115165


1Maithili Lokokti Kosh: MaithiliPremshankar Singh20098173421897400
2Translation Equivalents in Indian Languages (Physics- English and Maithili)Tariq Khan, Shambhu Kumar Singh20199788194427254505
3Caste, class and Power: Changing Patterns of StratificationAndre Beteille, Tr: Pawan Kumar Choudhary20219789391386184181
4Prachin Bhartiya Vangmay Me Antarnihit Aarthik AvadharnayenBrajendra Kumar Jha Shailendra Kumar Jha, Tr: Shambhu Kumar Singh20219789391386191270
5Maithili translation of Democracy and Education by John DeweyTr: Shambhu Kumar Singh20209788194849872288
6Maithili translation of The Indian Constitution: Cornerstone of a Nation by Granville AustinTr: Shambhu Kumar Singh20209788194849889398
7Social Change in Modern India by M.N. SrinivasTr: Dr Shambhu Kumar Singh20199788194384977170
8Hind Swaraj or Indian Home RuleTr: Saroj Kumari2019978817343301094
9A Grammar of PoliticsTr: Prof. Pramod Kumar Pandey20199788194410744490
10Caste In Modern India And Other EssaysM.N. Srinivas, Tr: Dr. Shambu Kumar Singh20179788173431913136


1Pictorial Glossary in SanthaliI.S. Borkar et al.2010817342196597100
2Translation Equivalents in Indian Languages: Political Science English-SantaliTariq Khan, Meenakshi Soren202097881947955820
3Translation Equivalents in Indian Languages (Sociology- English and Santali)Tariq Khan, Meenakshi Soren20199788194427247210
4Hind Swaraj or Indian Home RuleM. K. Gandhi, Tr: Ms. Meenakshi Soren20199788194649939100

संपर्क करें

  • ERLC (Eastern Regional Language Centre)
  • Laxmisagar, Bhubaneswar, Dist Khurda, PO. Budheswari Colony, Bhubaneshwar - 751006
  • Tel: 0674-2571342, 09717225610
  • Email: sujoy.sk@gov.in

         मार्ग नक्शा

  • Dr Sujoy Sarkar
  • Principal i/c
  • Laxmisagar, Bhubaneswar, Dist Khurda, PO. Budheswari Colony, Bhubaneshwar - 751006
  • Phone No: 0674-2571342, 09717225610, Email: sujoy.sk@gov.in

        Sri Sanjay K Baig
  • Sri Sanjay K Baig
  • Lecturer in Odiya
        Sri Chaitnaya Das
  • Sri Chaitnaya Das
  • Stenographer Gr-III
        Sri Akhaya K Das
  • Sri Akhaya K Das
  • Stenographer Gr-III
        Sri Ramesh Dalei
  • Sri Ramesh Dalei
  • MTS
        Sri Mukesh Kumar Yadav
  • Sri Mukesh Kumar Yadav
  • MTS