डब्ल्यूआरएलसी, पुणे

Western Regional Language Centre (WRLC), PUNE

The centre was established on September 25, 1970 at Pune. Since its inception in 1970 the main activity of the Centre is providing 10- month diploma training to in-service school teachers only for Gujarati, Marathi and Sindhi languages. Later on, Konkani language was added after including Konkani in VIII Schedule Language. The course is open for Prospective Teachers, Research Scholars and General Public also for the last several academic sessions.

The Centre is located in Deccan College, Poona with a hostel facility. Presently, the centre runs with only one permanent faculty for Marathi languages who is now Principal I/c. and 3 guest faculties.

The Centre has provided language training to 1695 trainees for 4 languages as follows:
Gujarati - 641, Konkani - 75, Marathi - 590, Sindhi - 389

डब्ल्यूआरएलसी, पुणे

Details of the Publication


1An Intensive Course in Gujarati Usha Nair2009300
2Intermediate Courses in GujaratiUsha Nair20018173420890160
3 Advanced Course Reader in Gujarati Madhu K. Sampat20018173420904140
4Phonetic Reader Series-GujaratiUsha Nair197915
5Bharatiya Bhasha Jyoti - GujaratiB. Syamala Kumari20169788173431630290
6Gujarati Lekhan - ReetiProf. Rajesh Sachdeva2011978817343111178
7Gujarati Bhasha Saurabh IUsha Nair198630
8Hindi-English-Gujarati DictionaryC.V. Sivaramakrishna20179788194384908400
9Tribal Literature of GujaratiNishant Choksi2009817342182X150
10Tests of Language Proficiency: GujaratiPon Subbiah2007817342165X250
11Bhil Lokmahakavya Gujrano AreloBhagwandas Patel2011788173731081350


1An Intensive Course in Marathi Vijaya Chitnis, Suman Bewlakar20048173421226250
2Intermediate Courses in MarathiVijaya Chitnis, Suman Belwalkar20018173420882140
3 Advanced Course Reader in Marathi Suman Belwalkar20008173420599120
4Bharatiya Bhasha Jyoti: MarathiB. Syamala Kumari20169788173431661200
5Classified Recall Vocabulary in MarathiKalika Mehta20129788173431173150
6Tests of Language Proficiency: MarathiPon Subbiah20088173421781250
7Pictorial Glossary in MarathiB. Syamalakumari2011 8173420610100


1An Intensive Course in Sindhi K.L. Lekhwani1997200
2Intermediate Courses in Sindhi (Arabic)K.L. Lekhwani1999817342047580
3Intermediate Courses in Sindhi (Devanagari)K.L. Lekhwani1999817342048380
4Adabi Guldasto - An Advanced Course in Sindhi-Devanagari (1st Re-print)Kanhaiyalal Lekhwani2022978-93-94835-16-0150
5Reprint of Adabi Guldasto Sindhi (Devanagari)Kanhaiyalal Lekhwani19998173420580100
6 Advanced Course Reader in Sindhi-(Arabic)K.L. Lekhwani19998173420572100
7Bharatiya Bhasha Jyoti - Sindhi - I (English Medium)I.S. Borkar, B. Syamala Kumari2008100
8Bharatiya Bhasha Jyoti - Sindhi - I (Hindi Medium)Satish Gohra, B. Syamala Kumari2008200
9Sindhi Language Book (English Medium) Part - 2Satish Rohra, et al.2008100
10Sindhi Script BookPritam Varyani Pitamber Thakwani2003100
11Nursery Rhymes in SindhiS.K. Rohra, B. Syamala Kumari199975
12History of Sindhi Language and Literature - (Arabic) Kanhayalal Lekhwani2011817342169235
13History of Sindhi Language and Literature - (Devanagari) Kanhayalal Lekhwani2011817342171435
14Sociolinguistic Survey of Indian SindhiC.J. Daswani, S. Parchani197811
15Test of Language Proficiency: Sindhi (Arabic)Pon Subbiah20098173421692250
16Tests of Language Proficiency: Sindhi (Devanagari)Pon Subbiah20078173421684250
17Pictorial Glossary in SindhiB. Syamalakumari20118173420661100
18An introduction to the study of Indian History by D.D. KosambiTr- Mohan Gehani2022978-93-94835-11-5410

Contact Us

  • WRLC (Western Regional Language Centre)
  • Deccan College Campus,Yerwada, Pune-411006
  • Tel: 020-26699041
  • Email: pplwrlc.pune-ciil@gov.in

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  • Ms.Sujata R Bhujang
  • Principal i/c
  • Western Regional Language Centre (WRLC), Deccan College Campus,Yerwada, Pune-411006
  • Phone No: 020-26699041, Email: pplwrlc.pune-ciil@gov.in

  • Sri M. Bhaskar Rao
  • UDC
  • Sri Sumit Kumar
  • Stenographer Gr.III
  • Sri Sunil Bathe
  • MTS