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CIIL library was established in 1970 and has been developed as a Centre for Information on Language Sciences (CILS) in 2007. The main objective is to act as the National Information centre on Linguistics and Indian Languages. This is the second in the country to have a fully digital library at the metadata level. Here a computerized system allows users to obtain coherent means of access to an organized, electronically stored repository of information at their workplace itself.

Digital Library

The Library in August 2003 initiated it's automation work of CIIL and its seven Regional language centers (RLC) with a compatible international software. i.e.VTLS Software Virginia, USA. The main feature of the VTLS software is that it supports all the Indian languages. A network for resource sharing has been created for the CIIL and the RLC Libraries.

Library Rules

(These amended rules come into effect from July 1st 2007)

1) General:

  1. The Library will remain open from 9.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. on all working days.

  2. Every user on entering the library will sign his/her name in the Register kept at the entrance and leaves all his/her personal belongings such as umbrellas, bags,vanity cases, etc., at the counter. He/She will be given a token, which should be surrendered while collecting the personal belongings at the time of leaving the library.

  3. Smoking and loud conversation or any such act that is likely to disturb other readers are strictly forbidden in the library.

  4. The user should get a 'No Due Certificate' letter from the Librarian. In case of Research Scholar working in projects, the user must submit an application for refund of caution deposit while issuing the ‘No Due Certificate’.

  5. Borrowing and return of the books should be done at the circulation desk. Users should not themselves replace the books on the shelves.

  6. User should not write or make any mark or otherwise damage any book, periodicals or other materials belonging to the library. In case of any such damage, users will be required to reimburse the cost. Appropriate fines for the damage, the extent of which will be determined by the Librarian.

  7. Every borrower must return all the books in his/her possession to the library when called for by the Librarian for purpose of stock checking. The Librarian reserves the right to call for any book before the due date.

  8. The Director reserves the right to waive, modify or add any rule as and when the circumstances demand.

2) Category of Users:

1. The following categories of users are eligible to use the library:-

  1. Members of the staff of the Institute and the Regional Language Centers.

  2. Teacher-trainees of the Southern Regional Language Centre whose names appear on the rolls during any particular year.

  3. Scholars collaborating with the Institute and those affiliated to the Institute and working in the Institute.

  4. Any other person specially permitted by the Director to be an honorary member (with or without borrowing facility).

  5. Any other person specially permitted by the Director or any Deputy Director to refer to the books in the library.

  6. All Project Staff engaged in the Institute project specified period.

  7. Retired members of the academic staff of the Institute.

  8. External faculty, research scholars and students from institutions, universities, etc.

  9. Trainees and participants in any workshop or short term courses run by the Institute.

2. Identity Card and Visitor’s card

  1. Members of the staff of the Institute automatically become members of the library. All other category members will have to renew their library Identity Card every year in the month of April.

  2. Identity cards are non-transferable and are required to be produced to the Library or Security personnel whenever asked for.

  3. Identity cards must be produced when the member borrows a book.

  4. Identity cards and Visitors Card will ordinarily remain valid till the validity period. Card must be returned when the member finishes his study or work and leaves the Institute.

  5. In the event of the loss of the Identity card or the Visitors card a fee of Rs.100/- will be charged for its replacement.

3. The following Table gives at a glance about rules for different categories of users in the library.

  1. Rules for different categories of Users

    # Patron Type Books Limitation Due Date Fee/Deposit Fine
    1 AS-Academic staff 20 One Month Nil
    2 UGC-UGC Fellow 12 One Month Nil
    3 SRS-UGC Senior research scholar 12 One Month / Fellowship duration Nil
    4 JRS-UGC Junior research scholar 6 One Month / Fellowship duration Nil
    5 PR-Project staff 4 One Month Rs. 500.00 Deposit Nil
    6 RS-Retired staff 2 One Month Deposit of Rs. 1000.00 not for more than 2 Books at a time Nil
    7 AM-Administrative staff 6 One Month Nil
    8 TT-Teacher Trainee 2 15 days Re. 1/ day Nil
    9 WS-Workshop 50-100 Workshop duration Nil
  2. Rules for External Faculty

    Following are the fee and caution deposit structure for different type of users from different institutions for Reference work only.

    Reference Books are meant for reference purpose only and cannot be given for xerox.

    1. Fee of Rs.500.00 per external faculty for the duration of six months.

    2. Fee of Rs.200.00 for Research Scholars for the duration of six months.

    3. Fee of Rs.100.00 will be charged for reference work for the duration of one month.

    4. Collaborating scholars and specially permitted users by the Director will be allowed for reference only

  3. Rules for Ph.D students registered under CIIL Academic staff

    The fee structure mentioned under Rule 3(b) will be applicable to Ph.D students. They will not be allowed to borrow any books from the library. Instead, the user can get books through their guides. Accordingly, the number of books to be issued to the CIIL Academic staff is increased to twenty instead of twelve books with effect from July, 2007

  4. Cost for damaged Books

    Books found damaged at the time of return ,User has to pay 25% of the printed price of the Book.

    All the above categories of users will be given a Visitor’s card for the duration.

3) Lending of Books and Periodicals:

  1. Members of the Academic staff can normally keep issued out book for a month. They may not have more than twelve books (including back volumes of Periodicals and Educational CDs) in their possession at a given time. All the members shall renew their Books/Journals during September every year.

  2. Teacher trainees and Administrative staff of the Institute as well as those in the different projects are allowed to have on their names two books for a period of two weeks.

  3. Reference, gratis and rare books cannot be taken out of the library except with the special permission with the reason specified to the Librarian.

  4. Loose issues of periodicals and magazines can be borrowed by academic and administrative staff for overnight and on week ends between 5.00 p.m. to 5.30 p.m. before the library closes and must be returned in the morning of the next working day.

  5. Borrowers should not sub-lend books belonging to the Library.

  6. Books may be renewed after the due date, provided they are not required by other members. When, to be renewed, the book must be brought to the library.

  7. Members of the Academic staff should return the book in a week if another member wants it and if the academic member already had it for two weeks.

  8. New arrivals of books will be made available online every fortnight. Reservation of these books may be made online/in person and new books will be issued strictly in the order of reservation for a maximum period of one week.

  9. No new book shall normally be taken out of the library till it is processed.

  10. The member proceeding on leave for' more than four weeks shall return all the books before he/she leaves.

  11. The library will send a reminder to return the materials got issued from the library on every September month of the year and get them reissued.

4) Inter-Library Loan facilities:

  1. Books and other materials not available in the library will be procured on loan from other libraries if the members make a request. The cost of getting such books will be defrayed by the Institute.

  2. Books and other materials available in the library which are required by other Institutions can be lent out for a period of two weeks. The expenses involved will be borne by the Institutions borrowing the books.

Information Resources

The CILS resources over the period of fifty years acquired reference materials, special information resources in linguistics and allied areas. The library collection comprises print, non-print, E-resources. The average expenditure during the last five years is Rs. 70 lakhs. The library received the Ford Foundation grant during 1972-1975, and 1977-79 $ 48,000 and $ 40,000 which enabled the library to acquire the back volumes of important professional journal in linguistics and could build up its core collection in linguistics and Indian language studies. The total book collection of CIIL and its RLC libraries is more than two lakhs (more than 60% in Indian languages depicted in schema 1) and receives 500 journals, with 35,000 back volumes.