Northern Regional Language Centre (NRLC), PATIALA

The Centre Northern Regional Language Centre, Patiala was established on July 23, 1970 which offers 10 Months Diploma Course in Kashmiri, Punjabi and Urdu languages. In 2006 Dogri language was also introduced. NRLC, Patiala has its own land of 9.7 Acres. A hostel building has been constructed and our office is presently functioning from this hostel building. The Administrative cum Academic block was going to be constructed but due to some reasons the construction work has been stopped. The Centre offers 10 Months Diploma Course in Kashmiri, Punjabi and Urdu languages to in-service teachers, Research Scholars and Prospective teachers

The Centre has provided language training to 2109 trainees in Dogri, Kashmiri, Punjabi and Urdu languages. The detail is follows: Dogri = 154 Kashmiri = 601 Punjabi = 568 and Urdu = 786


More than 150 Workshops were organized by this centre. Almost 40 conferences, Seminars and orientation courses were conducted.

Physical Facilities

  • Almost every year Language Environment Tours were conducted in all the for the teacher trainees.

  • Library

  • The Library of the centre was established in 1970 and there are 19956 books available.

  • Details of the Publication


    1Let us Learn Kashmiri Part I (Primer)Roop Krishen Bhat200335
    2Let us Learn Kashmiri Part II (Reader)Roop Krishen Bhat200350
    3An Intensive Course in KashmiriOmkar N. Koul198585
    4Intermediate Courses in KashmiriOmkar N. Koul199551
    5Advanced Course in KashmiriSoom Nath Raina2011817342116180
    6Bharatiya Bhasha Jyoti - KashmiriRatanlal Talashi, et al. 20018173420920150
    7Kashir Kitab IIS.N. Raina199681734203260
    8Kashir Kitab IRoop Krishen Bhat198415
    9Nursery Rhymes in KashmiriB. Syamala Kumari, Omkar N. Koul19968173420351100
    10Kaashir Dapity Dikshanarii - (A Dictionary of Kashmiri Proverbs)Omkar N. Koul2000817342095960
    11Kashmiri-English DictionaryOmkar N. Koul, et al.2000817342064580
    12Hindi-Kashmiri Common VocabularyJawaharlal Handoo, Lalita Handoo197520
    13A Handbook on Audio Cassette Course in Kashmiri (with 2 Cassettes)Roopkrishen Bhat20028173420904160
    14Kashiir ti Kaashur TahziibOmkar N. Koul, Lalita Handoo2002160
    15Kashmiri Language, Linguistics and CultureOmkar N. Koul2000817342096930
    16Gili Tuury Afsana SombranOmkar N. Koul1997817342045945
    17Structural Analysis of Kashmiri FolktalesLalita Handoo1994817342007682
    18Tests of Language Proficiency: KashmiriPon Subbiah20008173420831220
    19Kashmiri Language, Literature and CultureRoop Kishan Bhat20199788194366447166
    20Translation Equivalents in Indian Languages: Linguistics English-KashmiriTariq Khan, et al.202097881947955200
    21Translation Equivalents in Indian Languages: Political Science English-KashmiriTariq Khan, Mohammad Anwar202097881947955130
    22The Penguin History of Early India: from the Origins to AD 1300Romila Thapar, Tr: Farooq Fayaz20219789391386221539
    23The Indian Constitution: Cornerstone of a NationGranville Austin, Tr: Sheikh Mohammad Shafi20219789391386238517
    24Hind Swaraj or Indian Home RuleTr: Vijay Wali2019978819438494695
    25Education and Human Resource Development V.K.R.V. Rao, Tr: Vijay Wali20199788194649953170
    26Hindu Society: An InterpretationIrawati Karve, Tr: Vijay Wali20199788194649960145


    1Punjabi Pustak INarinder Dulai198210
    2An Intensive Course in PunjabiMotia Bhatia198585
    3Bharatiya Bhasha Jyoti - PunjabiB. Syamala Kumari2016200
    4Modes of Address and Pronominal Usage in PunjabiOmkar N. Koul, Madhu Bala198940
    5Maintenance of Punjabi Language in DelhiR.S. Rangila198630
    6Tests of Language Proficiency: PunjabiPon Subbiah20078173421706250
    7Translation Equivalents in Indian Languages: History English-PunjabiTariq Khan, Sandeep Singh Nagra202097881947955990
    8Social Change in Modern India by M.N. SrinivasTr- Jagjeet Singh2022978-93-94835-08-5195
    9Caste in Modern India & other EsaaysTr: Dr Sandeep Singh Nagra20199788194410768135
    10Hind Swaraj or Indian Home RuleM.K. Gandhi, Tr: Sandeep Singh Nagra20179788173431920100




    1Nursery Rhymes in DogriB. Syamala Kumari20028
    2Dogri Lekhan - ShailiUdaya Narayan Singh2008817342179X150
    3Pictorial Glossary in DogriB. Syamala Kumari, et al.2004100
    4Translation Equivalents in Indian Languages (Political Science- English and Dogri)Tariq Khan, Sunil Kumar Choudhary20199788194427223210
    5Democracy and Education by John DeweyTr- Neelam Kumari2022978-93-94835-38-2340
    6Hindu Society ? An InterpretationIrawati Karve, Tr: Anil Kumar20219789391386153136
    7The Penguin History of Early India: from the Origins to AD 1300Romila Thapar, Tr: Renu Bala, Bishan Dass20219789391386214550
    8The Indian Constitution: Cornerstone of a NationGranville Austin, Tr: Yashpaul Nirmal20219789391386054442
    9Dogri translation of Caste in Modern India and Other Essays by M.N. SrinivasTr: Sunil Kumar Choudhary20209788194849896153
    10Dogri translation of Education and Human Resource Development by V.K.R.V. RaoTr: Neelam Kumari20209788194849841171
    11Dogri translation of Caste, Class and Power: Changing Patterns of Stratification in a Tanjore Village by Andre BeteilleTr: Pritam Katoch20209788194849834190
    12Social change in Modern India by M.N. SrinivasTr: Neelam Kumari20199788173432996179
    13Outlines of Indian PhilosophyTr: Neelam Kumari20199788194410751315
    14Hind Swaraj or Indian Home Rule M.K. Gandhi, Tr: Sunil Choudhury2018978817343279880

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    • NRLC (Northern Regional Language Centre)
    • Punjab University Campus, Patiala-147002
    • Tel: 0175-2286730,
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    Dr. Tariq Khan
    • Dr.Tariq Khan
    • Principal i/c
    • Punjab University Campus, Patiala – 147 002
    • Phone No: 0175-2286730, Email:

            Dr.Pawan Kumar
    • Dr.Pawan Kumar
    • Lecturer in Punjabi
            Sri Ramesh Jatolia
    • Sri Ramesh Jatolia
    • Language Lab Technician
            Sri Rajinder Raina
    • Sri Rajinder Raina
    • Superintendent i/c
            Sri Paramjit Singh
    • Sri Paramjit Singh
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            Sri Ram Kumar Singh
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    • Sri Amit Kumar Batta
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